About Us


DEMARIN (Dewata Marine Indonesia), offers its services to existing and possible clients of good standing in terms of partnership or whatever mode of relationship conducive enough to protect mutual business interest. The following are the services the company offers:

DEMARIN (Dewata Marine Indonesia), has a wide selection of the finest labor service providers and crew of various types of vessels, readily available upon request. They are screened by the company’s expert recruiting team. These crew members are products of the finest training centers in Indonesia. Indonesian labor service providers and seafarers are best known in the global labor market and maritime industry for their professionalism, efficiency, and reliability. We ensure that deployed crewmembers are proficient in English. Some are proficient in European languages.


DEMARIN (Dewata Marine Indonesia) offers an ideal agency for hiring/training/document processing of crew for the Principals' convenience and verification. Some processes being done in crewing/manning are:

  • Sourching, recruiting and screening of all ranks forspecific types of vessels.
  • Arranging pre-employment formalities and documentation.
  • Obtaining a necessary travel documens for engaged crew.
  • Handling of crew payroll,insurance claims/cases/benefits and related matters.
  • Keeping Principals informed on new developments in the industry to assist them in their business planing and decission making.

Crewing Procedures

  • Applicant´s submission and compliance of application requirement.
  • Initial interview by Mrewing Manager.
  • Skills test.
  • Management interview.
  • Documentation, Medical testing and clearences.
  • Enhancement training and languange lessons as may be required.
  • Interview by principal as may be required.
  • contracting.
  • Goverment clearances and registration.
  • Visa processing.
  • Dispatch.
  • Final review and completion of all documentation and paperworks.
  • Endorsement of original documents and traveling papers to crew members.
  • Final joining instructions.
  • Deployment

Our Principals

  • Majesty International Cruise Inc. (Athens, Greece - Passenger Cruise Vessels).
  • Sea Chefs Cruise Ltd. (Limassol, Cyprus - Passenger Cruise Vessels).
  • Sea Hawk Cruise Ltd. (Miami, Florida - Passenger Cruise Vessels).
  • Happy Cruise (Madrid, Spain - Passenger Cruise Vessels).
  • Bysea Offshore (Loyang Cresent, Singapore - Passenger Cruise Vessels).
  • Johan Shiping Sdn. Bhd. (Penang, Malaysia - Container Cargo Vessels).
  • Ship Mate Co. Ltd. (Jurong, Singapore - Tanker Vessels).
  • See Song Sdn. Bhd. (Penang, Malaysia - Dredging).
  • Fung Song Co. Ltd. (Singapore - Commercial Vessels).